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Study and Conservation


   There are scores of examples of great cities growing on the banks of rivers and estuaries. Thane is one of them. Shreshtahnak as it was called flourished on the estuary of river Ulhas. In olden times the city was a busy harbor and the capital of a dynasty. Forces of nature like silting and proximity to a better harbor of Mumbai diminished its importance over the centuries. But the great waterway retained its importance in life of inhabitants on its banks as means of transport and source of livelihood. In turn the people influenced the estuary. Its effects were more apparent in recent past as the population on its banks grew rapidly leading to pollution from untreated drainage. The problem was compounded by the establishment of chemical industry which let its toxic waste flow into this water body.

  The Ulhas estuary meanders to meet the Arabian ocean. The salt content of its water increases gradually and thus it becomes a creek popularly known as Thane creek. Due to its historical, geographical and scientific importance a number of scholars have devoted their time to do research on Thane creek.

  At Envirovigil we feel it necessary to make this knowledge available to people. Increased awareness in turn paves way to meaningful action to help revive Thane creek.


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