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Environmental Vigilance

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Bio Medical Waste Management
     Biomedical or hospital waste is potentially hazardous. A small amount of this when mixed with general waste can contaminate it and has a potential to start an epidemic. The government of India has enacted a law to reduce this threat. It puts the onus of disposal, entirely on the generator of waste.
   Enviro vigil has organized the system of hospital waste disposal for the city of Thane and its periphery. The facility started functioning on 15th March 2003, as a joint venture of Thane Municipal Corporation and ENVIRO-VIGIL. The organization is functioning efficiently for last five years. It is an ISO 9000 certified syatem. It takes care of more than 950 hospitals. The hospital staff is instructed to segregate waste properly.



Segregation of Waste in color coded Bags







Colour Coding Type of Container Waste Category Treatment option
Blue Plastic bag Glass Autoclaving /Destruction
Black Carboy Infected metal sharps Autoclaving/ Destruction







The segregated waste is collected by the transport division of Enviro vigil in specially designed vans to the disposal facility at Kalwa behind Chhatrapati Shivaji hospital.