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Environmental Vigilance

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Ecofriendly Festivals

    Everybody is fond of festivities. Envirovigil sees a great potential in these, to promote environmental awareness. The nature and manner in which these festivals are celebrated have changed with times. This has led to practices which are detrimental to environment. We can identify and curb such activities and save our environment.

    Thane is a big city of lakes, thousands of Ganpati idols were immersed in these lakes leading to ecological damage. A number of NGOs in Thane have come together to change this practice. A coordinated effort by them has led to public awareness. Now the immersion is only symbolic and the idols are immersed in the lakes at the site of abandoned quarries or in the creek.

    Envirovigil’s school of environment has started a novel campaign this year. A number of activities will be undertaken to bring about a positive change in people’s attitude. By and large, Ganpati idols today are made up of plaster of Paris. Envirovigil has developed a technique of making beautiful idols using paper pulp and clay as raw material, with the help of enthusiastic artists. It can get assimilated back into nature.

     Envirovigil conducted a two day workshop on “How to make idols from paper pulp and clay” by on the fourth and fifth of July.

     A meeting of teachers from various schools has been arranged on 9th of July to promote the use of biodegradable material for the purpose of decorations. They will be motivated to bring up innovative ideas. Arts and crafts teachers have contributed considerably to the projects undertaken by Envirovigil in the past. The volunteers of the organization hope that these teachers will generate novel ideas and motivate their students to follow environment friendly practices while decorating and celebrating Ganpati festival. Subsequently, group meetings and slide shows will be organized in housing complexes to promote awareness.





  • Envirovigil(PDM) encourages children to celebrate Raksha bandhan by tying Rakhi around their favorite tree.
  • They then take a vow to protect and take care of the tree, thus strengthening their relationship with the tree. Many schools participate int his activity.





  • Envirovigil(PDM) promotes use of natural colors made from flowers, leaves etc. and tries to dissuade people-especially students from using harmful chemical colors.
  • Volunteers of the organization conduct workshops to teach how to make natural colors.




  • Envirovigil(PDM) is trying to promote the idea of celebrating Diwali as a festival of lights and not sound.
  •  High pitch and loud sounds created by fire-crackers can cause partial deafness and contribute to sound pollution. Spread of awareness of this fact will hopefully change the mindset of people.