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Environmental Vigilance

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Paryavaran Shala






Learning the basics of poster presentation

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             Bird watching at Thane creek


Paryavaran Dakshata Manch has taken up the task enlightening people about the basics of environment, its importance in day to day life and the need to pursue environment friendly life style. This division is known as School of environment or Paryavaran shala.
Experts and volunteers of this group are teaching the subject of Environmental science to school children in the group pf ten to thirteen students. Apart from classroom training the students are taken to nature-trails devoted to specific subject’s life observing mangroves, bird watching, learning about bird migration, learning about butterflies. They are accompanied by knowledgeable people who satisfy the curiosity of the students. Paryavaran shala also runs a nursery where children learn about how to plant a sapling, how to plant and take care of a sapling. This makes learning enjoyable and leaves a deep impact on the young minds. This educational program was initiated one year before the environmental education was made compulsory in schools.

Based on the valuable experience gained during this one year the experts of school of environment developed a program to train the teachers. It fulfills the need of the hour. As such training programs have gained insight into how to impart education about the subject of environmental science. School of environment has also designed a course for adults who are interested in learning about environment. In a span of six months, on weekends the students of this group learn about basics of environment and how to implement this knowledge to improve our surroundings.
Thus school of environment is striving hard to make environmental education an ongoing process in all sections of society.



Khuli Paryavaran Shala

Enviro-Vigil (Paryavaran Dakshata Manch) is an NGO active in the field of environment and its protection. School of environment is a novel programme being run by this NGO. It promotes understanding and creates interest about environment amongst people.

Recently, study of Environment is included in school curriculum. His has aroused curiosity about the subject in the minds of both students and parents. The protection and preservation of environment in our daily life is now being looked upon as a necessity.

For those who desire to learn this subject, the organization has designed a course of studies which will start from 24th Jan 2009. It is open to all age groups. It will comprise of 20 lectures (conducted on Saturday evening) and 10 nature trails (on Sunday mornings). The duration of the course will be of six months.

Subjects like Energy, types of energy, how to save energy, rain water harvesting, waste management; environment protection will be taught during this course. Nature trails will deal with bird watching, butterfly watching, identifying and observing trees, etc.
The last date to fill the forms is 22 Jan 2009. For more information contact Ms. Meghana Shah.

Address- Paravaran Shala, New-English school premises, Ram Maruti Road, Naupada, Thane (w) - 400602

Phone no. – 25380648 (between 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.)


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