About EnviroVigil

Enviro-Vigil is an environmental organization working in Thane city for the past 17 years.   We are working for a social cause with an objective to generate awareness among the masses regarding various issues related to the environment.

Our mission:    To build a strong and self sustained organization working for the cause of Environment.

 Our Vision:  To empower the youth to accept challenges of changing world in tune with the sustainable development.

 Organization’s Programmes

The environmental programmes /projects initiated by Enviro-Vigil are as follows.

Municipal Solid Waste Management

  • The most important aspect of MSW management is the community participation
  • Common people are the generators of the waste and need to be made aware of health hazards of mismanaged MSW.
  • Enviro-Vigil is trying hard in this area of awareness creation.
  • For this, mass rallies and door-to -door campaigns are organized with the help of school and college students.
  • Results have been quite encouraging.
  • People are slowly waking up and trying to manage their own waste to certain extent.
  • Enviro-Vigil is providing technical expertise free of cost to the residential complexes to take care of their waste.

Common Bio-medical Waste Treatment and Disposal Facility

(ISO 9001-2000 certified)

  • Bio-Medical waste management has been our major activity for the past seven years.
  • This kind of waste is being mistreated and mismanaged causing serious health hazards not only to the healthcare personnel, but also to the community.
  •  In managing Bio-medical waste, participation of healthcare community is crucial.
  • Ministry of Environment and Forest (MoEF), Govt. of India along with Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) have formulated Bio-Medical Waste (Handling and management) Rules, 1998.
  • In accordance to these rules, Enviro-Vigil has set up a ‘Common Bio-Medical Waste Treatment and Disposal Facility’ (ISO 9001-2000 Certified) for treatment and safe disposal of BMW.
  • Healthcare workers, sweepers, ward boys; nurses and even the doctors are always at high risk due to continuous exposure to disease causing micro organisms.
  • We have designed a training programme for these personnel. These people are given on site training regarding safe handling and proper segregation of BMW.  
  • Managed exclusively by an NGO, this facility has become a role model. We receive segregated waste from over 1100 hospitals that fall within the jurisdiction of Thane Municipal Corporation as well as Thane district.
  •  We have been able to provide an employment to about fifty people for running this facility and other related projects.
  • The facility was dedicated to the citizens of Thane at the hands of Shri. Ram Naik, then Petroleum Minister, Govt. of India on 22nd June, 2003.

The salient features of this facility:

  • The whole system has been authorized by MPCB for Collection, Transportation, Treatment and Disposal of BMW
  • The required land and infrastructure has been provided by Thane Municipal corporation on rental basis
  • Routine medical check up and required vaccination is carried out for the our employees who handle and manage the BMW.
  •  We have also obtained Medi Claim Insurance for these employees.
  • To create the sense of awareness amongst the people we encourage local school & college students and general public to visit our facility.
  • This facility has received “Good Green Governance” (G-Cube or G3) award from ‘SRISHTI” Publications, New Delhi for two consecutive years, i.e., 2006 and 2007


  • Green Shoppe
  • Green Living Consultancy
  • Green Careers

Ankur, The Theme Park.. Going Green!!

  • This theme park houses many important environmental projects which are user friendly
  • These projects include Biocomposting/ Vermicomposting for taking care of the biodegradable waste; biogas production unit; RWH unit; biomedical waste treatment plant etc.
  • We encourage people and students to visit this park, learn about all these activities so that these can be started in their own establishments.


Recognitions Received from the Society

  • Recipient of Best Water NGO, 2006-2007”Award instituted by the Water Digest, New Delhi, in collaboration with UNESCO and CNBC TV 18
  • The award is presented to various commercial organizations and the NGOs who have contributed in the area of water purification, waste water treatment and recycling, rainwater harvesting, water education and awareness creation etc
  • Recipient of Good Green Governance (G-Cube or G3) Award, for two consecutive years i.e., 2006 and 2007.
  • This award is instituted by the Srishti Publications, New Delhi.
  • Enviro-vigil was selected for this award for its work in the area of Bio-Medical Waste Management

 All of the above mentioned programmes or projects are unique mainly because these address the local problems and help in solving these problems with the help of community.  The geographical area of these activities is restricted to Thane city area and part of Thane district.  The beneficiaries include a large number of school children, teachers, general people, healthcare workers etc.

Our Team


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